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  • We are improving lives but considering the planet first, principal before profit.

  • Sustainability as a first option rather than an easiest or cheapest route.

  • All products developed have these principles worked through, examined for quality to meet all the high expectations of our principles. 

Why our hemp products:

  • Generation Green selected the Northern Rivers area because it is best suited geographically to supply Australia but most of all the perfect conditions for growing the best hemp in Australia. 

  • It is said the aboriginal name for this area is the place of many springs. 

  • When growing biodynamically the Northern Rivers climate is perfect for to produce the highest quality, natural results.

  • We are working with qualified dedicated shareholders with over 30 years in the industry and a passion for quality growth that can’t be exceeded.

In short:

  • Principles before profit

  • Quality over quantity

  • Guarantees that mean something

When buying our product you are:

  • Improving the environment & the pace of climate change (Carbon Sequestration)

  • Supporting local jobs, farms and families

  • Funding research into ways to expand the benefit of hemp for medical, construction, health, food, soil-improvement, animal and human wellness and clean energy generation

Our 'Why': About
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