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Stroke: What Might The Medical Benefits of CBD?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020


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  • What Is A Stroke?

  • Who Has Strokes?

  • CBD & Strokes

  • The Two Main Types Of Strokes That We Experience Today The Future Of CBD & Strokes?



CBD may be able to help patients recover from a stroke, and may protect against brain damage in stroke patients. In a 2012 study, researchers found CBD reduced two kinds of brain damage caused by a stroke in rats. The benefits were so significant that the outcome of the stroke group was comparable to the control group that did not have a stroke.

CBD may be superior to other cannabinoids in treating brain damage caused by stroke. In a 2007 study, researchers found that CBD had stronger neuroprotective effects than THC.


What Is A Stroke?

A stroke, also known as a transient ischemic attack, happens when there is an instantaneous interruption of blood and, consequently, oxygen to the brain. Even when caught and treated quickly, strokes still cause some serious long-term problems. Brain cells begin dying off within six minutes after being deprived of oxygen,

meaning in all cases, people end up with at least some amount of brain damage.

When you have a stroke, you’re losing blood flow and oxygen needed to keep your brain running. By losing access to two critical components for survival, your brain may undergo some damage.

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, you lose 1.9 million brain cells per minute when suffering from a stroke.

Researchers believe that by taking CBD oil, you can prevent the damage and maybe even one day reverse it.

Who Has Strokes?

Strokes hit seemingly at random and can target anyone: young, old, men, women, even children. Strokes affect around 33 million people worldwide, with nearly 17 million people experiencing their first stroke per year (as of data from 2010).

The survival rate for stroke has increased over the years so that now, approximately 80 per cent of people who suffer from stroke survive. But just because they have survived does not mean their struggle is over. Half of the people who have had a stroke will require assistance performing normal daily activities for the rest of their lives.

Stroke patients and their support networks often must live with mild to severe disability, including physiological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural issues. The road to recovery is steep and often plagued with setbacks.

CBD & Strokes

According to Dr FERDINAND H. QUINONES MDA in his book “CBD OIL AND STROKE RECOVERY: The Ultimate Guide on Everything You Need To Know About CBD oil and Stroke Recovery, a team of researchers at Fukuoka University in Japan recently made a breakthrough in stroke treatment.

Their research study investigated whether a cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant, called cannabidiol (CBD), could be an effective treatment option during rehabilitation. This theory has been supported by other preliminary research studies, which all have found that CBD shows encouraging signs as a potential post-stroke therapy for ischemic strokes (one of two types of stroke, along with hemorrhagic).

The Two Main Types of Strokes That We Experience Today

Hemorrhagic Stroke: The is the first type of stroke and this stroke is when a blood vessel ruptures causing internal bleeding. This type of stroke can be due to high blood pressure, but also aneurisms and malformation in your arteries can cause this to happen.

Ischemic Stroke: This type of stroke is the most popular way to have a stroke, and it is because of blood clots depriving your brain of oxygen and nutrients. You can also experience what is often called a mini-stroke, where you have blood clots but they don’t block the path of the blood for long, and there is usually no permanent damage.

The Future Of CBD & Strokes?

The current body of research seems to show speedier and broader recovery in patients and incredible neuroprotection.

Only two treatment options are available, so having another effective option for stroke recovery is compelling news for both stroke victims and their families. There is now hope that CBD therapy could allow more people to live an independent life after suffering a stroke.

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